(Provides the most support, accountability and motivation.)

Session fees start at $75 for local clients. Please call or email Sonja for a direct quote that fits your unique needs. 
OPTION II. PARTNER TRAINING (Share the fun and the cost for a super-charged workout!  Partner sessions are priced per person & are normally one-hour in length.)  
-Partner Sessions start at $50 per session. Please call or email Sonja for a direct quote that fits your unique needs.
(Body Transformation Program)
This 12 Week Comprehensive Program Includes:
•Monthly Fitness Assessments 
• Fitness Exercise/Nutrition Log & Reference Manual 
• Ongoing Nutrition Coaching & a monthly MEAL PLAN!
• 2-3 Team Training Workouts Per Week
• Bi-Monthly Newsletter 
• Access to me as your Personal Fitness Consultant 

-FREE Trial Workout for all new participants!
-Convenient Locations in Palm Beach County!
-Schedules Vary. Please Call or Email Sonja for Details
-Complete 12 Week Program Pricing: 
  • 3 Team Sessions per week = $15 per session 
  • 2 Team Sessions per Week = $20 per session  

OPTION IV. YOUTH FITNESS TRAINING (From little couch potatoes to aspiring athletes Sonja has the experience and FUN skill set to MOTIVATE your children to their fitness best!)

30:00 Private Sessions​ Session fees start at $45 for local clients. Please note that some insurance companies may reimburse a portion of the training fees if a pediatrician "prescribes" exercise based on health risk, etc.

45:00 Small Group Youth Sessions
(Fit Play!)
*Meets 2-3 times per week after school. Includes age appropriate goal setting & body image counseling, food coaching, and FUN FIT PLAY! (See Fit Play flyer for details).

- Drop in session = $20
- Series rate of $15 per session 

*All new private & partner training clients will receive a fitness assessment and program analysis. All current clients will receive an assessment and program review every 4 weeks.

** Late cancellations (less than an 8 Hour notice) and no-shows will be subject to the full charge of the session except when due to an emergency or illness. Please call (561) 317-3576 to re-schedule or cancel your appointment.

*** Secure Payments are made on site via "PayPal Here" Card Reader or may be made online in advance to hold your time slot or group session via: to the account of

Client Testimonials:

"Sonja, I have read everything you provided to me and the books you recommended and because of all I learned from you about eating and the supplements like casein and Cinch, I have stayed in very good shape even with not running.  I have actually dropped about 12 lbs. and I know it is from what you taught me. I am very disciplined and have always eaten healthy but with what I learned from you, I tweaked my eating now I feel I am in better shape than I have been in years.  Thank you so much." -Annette 

"Sonja, just wanted to check in and let you know that Betto is doing excellent with his meal plan and has lost about 15 pounds already. The 2500 cal plan is perfect. He is sticking with it...everyone has been noticing the weight loss and he has been telling everyone about the metabolic testing. Thanks!" -Lorna

"Dear Sonja, thank you for putting together such a comprehensive system.   I have never had access to something like this, where every aspect is addressed.  What a relief!  You have actually taken into consideration that all sides of the problem must be addressed, not just one side (such as eating only or exercise only) with some vague instruction on how to deal with the rest of it. Thank you!!!!! I wish I had access to this ten years ago." -Joy 

"Sonja,I am so happy, confident and feel great in my own body! I was committed to the program but if it was not for your knowledge, skill, and personality to motivate me, I would not have experienced the success I have in my health and fitness.  It has been almost  three years since we started and I have  maintained the sleek, strong physique we created by following your program of Cardio, Resistance training, and healthy eating.  I have lost over 10 pounds of pure FAT and more than 11 inches from my hips, thighs, and waist. THANK YOU!"